Do you know that with ONE CLICK you can reach all your CLIENTS anytime? Use Push Notifications for FREE!


So you have lots of users on your App. This is great, but you could achieve much more!

Once you have users, it’s crucial that you succeed in keeping them interested. You must make them come back to your App again and again!

SNAPP Push Notifications is a great MARKETING TOOL to engage your clients in a quick and effective way.

Push notifications are customised messages (you choose the specific content to push to your users!) which will appear directly on the screen of your client’s mobile phone.


You have something new for them? PUSH IT TO THEM:

  • Use push notifications when you release a NEW PRODUCTS, PROMOTIONS,

  • Use push notifications when you want to invite them to your EVENTS


Just follow the RED path below and begin to create your personalized messages.

  1. Go to your dashboard  

  2. Press the push notification buttons

  3. Click the edit button and write title and message of your push notification

  4. Press next and go on!

  5. Check your message. You’re ready to send it!

  6. Congratulations! Now your clients are reading your message! Go to the analytics and see your visitors growing.