See here ideas for how to generate income from your Snapp creation.

Sell products with your products page.

If you have products to sell, advertise them on your products page. 

Here you can provide an image, description, and price of your product. 

There are many different ways your users can send you money. 

Here are some ideas:

1. Set up a Paypal payment button

2. Set up a 'Contact Me' button where users can contact you to discuss payment information

How to generate income from your Snapp creation?

First, let’s say it again: the first important thing to make money with your app is to build a HIGH QUALITY APP. Use our building tips and all Snapp features to become a great Snapper!

So, now you have built a great app and want to get few ideas on how to make money with it.

Let’s go through some useful tips on how to sell your products and services through your Site & App:


If you build a “Business App” you probably want to sell your products/services.

The first thing to do is to place them into your “products page” so that everyone can see them: here you can provide an image, description, and price of your product/service. 

But… How can you actually “sell” your products to interested costumer?

At the moment, there are different ways your users can send you money:

1. Set up a Paypal payment button (It’s free!)

2. Set up a 'Contact Me' button where users can contact you to discuss payment information

Macintosh HD:Users:Martina:Desktop:paypal_2014_logo_detail.png
Set up a Paypal payment button (It’s free!):


PayPal.Me is a faster, easier way to get paid through PayPal. Just share your own PayPal.Me link ( with everyone.


Have your own business? Set up a PayPal.Me/YourBusiness and get paid quickly for the goods or services you sell. Your customers will love the ease and the PayPal Purchase Protection for their eligible items.

Your customers don’t have to know your email address or mobile phone number, or even have PayPal. They will need only a mobile phone. They just tap on your link, go to your PayPal.Me, type in the amount (that you specified on you product description), and send the money.


  1. Go to Paypal sign up page and create your Paypal Account

  2. Go to link creation page  and create your Paypal,me link.

  1. Go to your App product page and create a button for the product you want to sell and name it “BUY NOW” or any similar.

  2. Just write the amount of money you want to sell your specific product to and put it to the end of your link (which will be always the one you have chosen the first time).
    For example, use PayPal.Me/DiaRusso/25 to request 25 USD. The request will be made in your default currency, which you can change at anytime in your PayPal account settings.
    You can request also a specific currency by adding the currency code to the amount. So to ask for Australian Dollars, for example, you would use PayPal.Me/DiaRusso/25AUD.

  3. Finally, just attach the full link (steps d.) to the specific button you created (step c.).

You have done it! You have your App automatic payment system.

BE CAREFUL: your payments will be automatized, but you will have to pay close attention to every sale process, because you will still have to manage every operation process and your inventory management processes to assure you meet your customer expectations.

Set up a 'Contact Me' button where users can contact you to discuss payment information:

If you don’t want to set up and use Paypal, you may like to get a simpler solution.


The easiest way through which you can interact with your customer and sell them products is the “Contact Me” button.

By setting up this button, contacts by your customer who wants information about the product, its availability, prices and discounts and even shipping or collecting informations.

Speaking directly with your customer every time, you will a greater insight from them and you will better understand their needs and behavior when they interact with your business.

With this solution, you will manage your sales process manually, so you will discuss every time with your consumer on every sale condition: prices, discounts and even shipping or collecting informations.


  1. Just access to your App and tap the Pen Icon;

  2. Go to your product page  and create a new “Contact Me” button for every product you want to sell;

  3. Insert a link to your email so that your customer will be able to write you to start the sale process about the product they are interested in.


Remember: the sale is only the end of much broader project in which you and your business interact with your existing and potential consumers.

It is useless to set up payments procedures if you are not able to engage with them in an effective way and on an ongoing basis.

To succeed in interact with them, you MUST:

  1. BUILD a high quality App;

  2. USE REPEATELY SNAPP FEATURES (Share, Push notifications, Integrate with social media etc.)