Did you know that you can easily get your first 100 users just by sharing your app & site?

Using Snapp, you can share your app in multiple platforms and engage your clients with few clicks.


As we all know, the success of your App depends on how many users it has. The more users you have, the more you will have in the future.

The most useful tool you have to get in touch with users is the SHARING FEATURE, which allows you to reach all your existing and potential users/customers. How is it possible?

  1. By using the sharing feature, You will reach all your existing contacts;

  2. (as you ask them to) Your contacts will share your App again to all their contacts.


In very little time, everybody will know about You and your App!


You can share your App through different channels. The great thing is that sharing it in different channels will give you different benefits!




Once your app is ready and full of interesting content about you and your business, sharing is the first step to get new users and to make your App become famous.

… But keep it in mind: sharing is not a one time action! You must use it frequently to keep you users engaged with your App and business.

So, every time you update your app with new content (news, products, releases, etc), don’t forget to SHARE IT AGAIN!


Sharing your App is rewarding and it is easy too!

Before starting the sharing process: DO YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT FOR YOUR CHOSEN PLATFORM? Remember to build it before starting the process! (ex. To share in Facebook, you must have a Facebook account);

Now that you have it, we can start sharing:

  1. Go to the dashboard

  2. Press the “sharing feature” button;

  3. Select the platform through which you want to share (you can select one platform at a time, but you can repeat the process, selecting other platforms, whenever you want);

  1. You will be redirect to the chosen platform and you will just be able to share it with all your contacts!

Now, you have done it.

Would you like to see how many new users you have?????

See it  with the our new ANALYTICS feature!